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Gosford Sailing Club Radio Controlled (RC) Yachts race on the second and forth Thursday's of the month throughout the sailing season, October (from daylight savings) to April. 
Racing commences from 17:00.
Arrive 30 mins early to allow for setting up and briefing.
Race Entry is open to GSC Sailing Members & GSC RC Sailing Members.

The Gosford RC Yacht Fleet class is the Dragon Force 65 with standard A rig.
The Dragon Force 65 is made by Joysway. There is a version 5 and a version 6 both being sailied together as a single class.
No local source of these boats have been found to date but they can be ordered on-line and have been arriving pretty quickly and efficiently from suppliers. has been used by some club members sucessfully and there are other suppliers out there.
The boat comes as a kit and needs a bit of time and care on the rigging which can be fiddily to get just right.
The boat is available for about $250 including the radio gear required to get sailing. 8 AA batteries will be needed and some sort of sail identification - sail number.

Have a look at the accessories available from your chosen supplier for sail numbers spare deck patches etc.

RC Yachts

At Gosford Sailing Club


For more information on the RC Yacht Fleet call Mark Ferguson  
0407 812 608 or email

To view more information on Radio Controlled Yacht racing click here

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