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gosford sailing club


Excellence in Sailing and Participation in Boating:

To provide a first-class sailing & boating facility that attracts and involves members in the enjoyment of recreational boating and the sport of sailing. 

board of directors

President - Paul Gulliksen

Vice President - Christopher Radford

Commodore - Tony Clark

Treasurer - Jan Muysken

Club Captain - John Denton

Director - Stephen Luther

Director - Beverley Small 

Director - Elisa James

Our mission

To achieve our vision we will: 

Offer comprehensive programs in racing, cruising, youth development, and sail & powerboat training.

Provide a first-class marina, waterfront and clubhouse facility.

At all times provide a standard of excellence in service to members.

Interact with industry bodies such as; Yachting Australia, Yachting NSW, Boating Industry Association, Marina Industry Association Australia.

Provide a sense of belonging and ‘Club Spirit' for our members and their guests.

Provide a motivating working environment for our staff.

Proactively contribute to supporting the external community.

our values

One Club: The Gosford Sailing Club embraces and supports the diverse sailing interests of its members.  Unity across all groups is paramount to the success of the Club, which offers a diverse range of sailing & boating programs, clubhouse and marina facilities.  

Integrity: The Club expects the highest levels of individual and corporate integrity.  Compliance with the Club's Constitution, its by-laws, policies and State & Federal legislation are paramount.  The Club's assets will be preserved and safeguarded.

Openness & Transparency:
 Decision-making processes will be open, transparent and rational.  Decisions are made for the common good of the membership rather than individual members.

 All actions, decisions and communication will be respectful of all members, staff, the community and the environment.

The safety of our members, guests, staff and visitors is fundamental, both on land and on water. Quality:
Delivery of quality service across all levels (internally and externally) is vital to the success of the Club. We welcome challenges to existing processes to foster continual improvement and a drive to excellence.

Fairness & Equity:
 The Club promotes an environment that fosters fairness, equity and respect for social and cultural diversity.  Everyone is to be treated fairly and equitably, regardless of their status within the Club.

Proud History:
 All stakeholders will preserve, respect and contribute to the history that has created the Gosford Sailing Club since 1932.

 Success is valued and celebrated across all activities within the Club.

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