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Frequently Asked Questions

Gosford Sailing Club has been a staple in the Central Coast community for 90 years. 

The sailing, the boats and the people involved in the Club may have changed throughout the years, but we are as enthusiastic as ever about our race seasons, providing an unforgettable dining experience for our visitors, and.supporting our local community.


You only need to become a member if you live within a 5km radius of the Club. You can have a member sign you in if you do not wish to join. Click here to visit our membership section.

trading hours

Trading Hours

Wednesday to Sunday

11am to 10pm


Lunch - 11:30am to 3pm

Dinner - 5pm to 8:30pm

Booking guarantee

We currently require a booking guarantee of $20 per person to reserve a table in the Bistro. Funds will be verified, but they will not be charged to your card at this time. If you cancel within 12 hours of your booking or don’t show up, the charge will be processed.

Sailing information

Please click here to view sailing series and course information for the Club.

All information for each series and courses available can be found in our Sailing tab.

Sailors bar

The Sailor's Bar will be undergoing renovations over winter and we aim to have it open as soon as possible!

dress code

The following dress is NOT permitted at any time:

  • Bare feet

  • Singlets or sleeveless shirts 

  • Swimwear

  • Ripped, torn or soiled clothing

  • Shirts bearing offensive slogans or pictures

  • Football shorts or stubbies

  • Hats on men


There is a pick up and drop off point in front of the Club along with street parking with direct access to the foyer of the Club.

There is also a lift to the first floor and accessible toilets.

Walk ins

We reserve 40% of the Club for walk-in customers primarily in our Terrace and Southview areas. All sections have a view of Brisbane Water! These are available on a first come first serve basis and typically fill up early on a nice day.


The Club is located at 28 Masons Parade and has plenty of street parking and an adjacent council carpark with access to the Club.

Please note, parking tends to fill up very quickly on nice days and is on a first in first served basis.


The children’s menu is only available for children aged 12 years and under.

All minors are to be accompanied by a legal guardian over the age of 25.


A cakeage fee of $2 per person applies to all reservations. This includes any form of dessert brought into the Club

dress regulations

Patrons are expected to be of neat and tidy attire at all times: ​

  • Shirts and T-shirts with or without collars are permitted

  • Sporting shirts and football jerseys are permitted

  • Tracksuits must be clean and tidy 

  • Work clothes must be neat and tidy

  • Socks are not required provided the appropriate footwear is worn

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