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2024-2025 Membership
Cruising Boat Owner

Cruising membership is $150 for both power and sail boats.

The benefits include a discount on marina berths, discount for cruising moorings and access to amenities at the Club.


The Gosford Sailing Club Cruising Fleet operates under the charter of the Gosford Sailing Club. The Cruising Fleet welcomes all boat owners with vessels from 6 metres and up.


We offer a wide variety of fun, exciting and educational activities, such as:

• Family fun outings on the water

• Weekend getaways

• Raft-ups

• Nautical educational programs

The aim of the Cruising Fleet is to promote the enjoyment and use of yachts and power boats among all members of our club. We do this by organising Cruise in Company events throughout the season, mainly on long weekends (weather permitting) to various local destinations, and enjoy a number of social events. There is also the chance to learn boating, seamanship and navigation skills.

Sailing and motor cruising are pastimes offering a freedom like no other, with the opportunity to cast off and go where the mood takes and offering the promise of making new friends across Australia or anywhere around the world.

Whether planning your first short trip or that initial long-distance journey, fellow members are there for advice, support and friendship.

This group environment is hugely enjoyable and, if travelling with fellow members, offers the reassurance to the inexperienced boatie that someone will be able to help out should things not go as smoothly as planned.

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New members must sign up at the club office.


Please update your details if there are any changes.

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